Slot antenna for breast cancer detection

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Index Terms— Breast cancer, HFSS, Microwave imaging, Slot Antenna, UWB antenna. I. INTRODUCTION According to cancer incidence statics in 2012, 14.1 million people were diagnosed with cancer world wide and 8,2 million people died from cancer [1]. Over 100,000 new breast cancer patients are diagnosed annually in India. As per the ICMR-PBCR data ...

The CPW-fed Elliptical slot antenna on LCP was designed in [3] and is used in our work as the radiator for microwave breast tumor detection. This uniplanar compact antenna has return loss below -10dB and consistent radiation pattern in the UWB range of frequencies (1-12GHz). Miniaturized UWB Microstrip Antenna with T-Slot for Detecting ... Miniaturized UWB Microstrip Antenna with T-Slot for Detecting Malignant Tumors by Microwave Imaging Radouane KARLI*, Hassan AMMOR Electronic and Communication Laboratory EMI, Mohammed V University-Agdal, UM5A Rabat, Morocco, Abstract- A miniaturized microstrip antenna that Design of a Taper Slot Low Profile Vivaldi Antenna for Ultra ... algorithm for breast cancer detection using Microwave Radar and Digital Breast Tomosynthesis," in 2016 10th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), 2016, pp. 1-4. [3] E. C. Fear and M. A. Stuchly, "Microwave breast cancer detection," in 2000 IEEE MTT -S International Microwave Symposium Digest (Cat. Circular Antenna Array Design for Breast Cancer Detection

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Radar-based breast cancer detection using a hemispherical… – Antennas and …, 2009 – Abstract—In this contribution, an ultrawideband (UWB) mi- crowave system for breast cancer detection is presented. The system is based on a novel hemispherical real-aperture antenna array, which is employed in a multi-static radar-based detec- tion system.

A Slot Loaded Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for Breast ...

View Patch Antenna Research Papers on for free. Detection Research Papers - View Detection Research Papers on for free. Vivaldi Antenna Design Analysis | Comsol Blog When evaluating the far-field pattern and impedance of your Vivaldi antenna design, simulation software is a powerful tool. See it in action Radioengineering - June 2011, Volume 20, Number 2

Breast Cancer Detection and A Novel Antenna

A MIMO antenna composed by microstrip line-fed circular slot antenna is proposed. This antenna is used in ultra-wideband microwave imaging systems aimed for early breast cancer detection. The antenna is designed to operate across the ultra-wideband frequency band in the air. The mutual coupling between the antenna elements has been investigated to be low enough for MIMO medical imaging ... Compact planar UWB antenna array for breast cancer detection A compact planar ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna array was developed for radar-based breast cancer detection system in the supine position. The size of the antenna element was 11 mm × 13.1 mm. A 4×4 antenna array size was 44 mm × 52.4 mm. The bandwidth and the center frequency of the antenna were 12.5 GHz and 6 GHz, respectively. DESIGN OF MICROSTRIP RECTANGULAR PATCH ANTENNA FOR CANCER ... another approach for breast cancer detection [2]. This antenna has been used for cancer detection and become interesting to researchers. This system is based on the transmission of particular range of frequency of waves. The principle of this radar is transmitting a wave and then detecting the reflected waves response [3]. Miniaturized UWB Microstrip Antenna with T-Slot for ...