Slot loading drive vs. tray

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Slot Load in StyleSuperior data protection with M-DISC Support2. Pricey for what it is, a slot drive shouldn't be that much more vs tray, so a bit of a rip off.

In computer hardware, a caddy refers to a container used to hold some medium, such as a CD-ROM. If the medium is a hard disk drive, the caddy is also referred to as a disk ... referred to as caddy drives or caddy load(ing), but from about 1994 most computer manufacturers moved to tray-loading, or slot-loading drives. Comparing Optical Drive Loading Mechanisms - Disc Wizards There are three loading mechanisms available in the market, they are; tray, slot and the caddy. Find out more about each type. What is a Slot-load Disc Drive? - Computer Hope Jun 27, 2017 ... A slot-load disc drive is a disc drive that has no caddy or tray and allows the computer user to insert the disc into a thin slit. The picture shows ...

I am wondering if I bought some cheap DVD-+R drive and a Slot Loading drive if i could take the slot loading mechanism out of it and put it in the DVD+-R. If there ...

why does it seem that many pc makers use tray loading and apple (laptops/imacs) uses slot loading optical drives ? It may well be the jamming issue. I have never had a problem, and I don't know anyone who has, but I bet getting a slot-loader to work reliably requires the loader itself to be high ... Slot Load vs Tray Load Pioneer DVD Drives | OCAU Forums

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Does a slot load drive not hold up as well as a tray, especially considering you will be burning? Questions and comments are very welcome, and I know the Plex slot load is a bit more expensive, I am not trying to compare cost. I am trying to compare a slot drive vs a tray, if there is any difference when it comes to functionality/ Slot-loading vs tray-loading vs top-loading drives ... I prefer tray-loading drives because they offer the least friction on the optical media AFAIK. Also, I feel like A LOT more can go wrong with a slot-loading drive, even though my experience with tray-loading drives are usually 5+ years and the rubber band dries up which makes it difficult to eject the tray.

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Slot loading optical disc drive. Slot loading is identical to the system used in the CD player of most modern vehicles, or the drives of Apple laptops and iMacs. It is the simplest of the three to use because all you need to do is just slip the disc into the slot and a mechanical arm grabs the disc, drawing it inside the drive.