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For Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Slots not slowing down in the battle square?!".

Speed Square Guide Ff7 - WordPress.com Speed Square Guide Ff7 For Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, FAQ/Walkthrough by bover_87. Speed Square consists of only one minigame: a roller coaster in which you try to hit as (Percentages for prize list On Final Fantasy VII, How do you get Tifa's limit break ... To get the key excavate at Bone Village. Tell them your searching for normal treasure. Tifa's weapon is stronger the closer she is to her limit break. If one of her slots missed, the weapon will momentarily increase. Cloud Omnislash: Get 32,000 points in the Battle Square in Gold Saucer on disc 2 or 3.

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Final Fantasy VII | 7 | FFVII | FF7 - Secrets & Etc - FFWA Note: This will only duplicate item selectable in battle and can not be used to duplicate the various sources, materia, weapons, or armor. Easy Battle Square Handicaps During the "slot machine" handicap sequence, rapidly tap Square in the Battle Square section at Gold Saucer. The slots will slow down, allowing an easier selection of your handicap. Casino Toy and Pool Supplies - savoiapalacecortina.com

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Final Fantasy 7 : Battle Arena. ... To enter the Arena, go to Battle Square at the Gold Saucer, and talk to the lady behind the counter at the right of the back of the room. ... Not a major threat, but he can slow you down with Silk. In this case, kill the enemies and cast Big Guard/Haste in round 2.

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Remember to hold down the Button and Button on the PlayStation controller to slowly refill your Chocobo’s stamina meter. Make sure to take some GP as prizes for winning some of the Chocobo races in preparation for a later side quest involving Battle Square . Final Fantasy VII Guides - Caves of Narshe