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Monte Carlo Clay Poker Chips - These 14 gram Monte Carlo $1 White Clay Poker Chips will bring the look and feel of a casino card room to any home game. A unique and attractive edge design surrounds an inlay that displays the denomination of each chip, the words "Monte Carlo Poker Club", and a dazzling laser graphic strip that makes these chips sparkle and shine. 11.5 Gram Casino Poker Striped Chips - Upgrade your environment on game night with these 11.5 Gram Casino Poker Striped Chips. They are produced from a composite resin and an insert that gives them the weight feel of the real thing. These casino poker chips have a six-stripe-and-dice design that makes them ideal for casino and home-style play alike. Casino token - Wikipedia

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What the Casino Chip Colors Mean - ThoughtCo In the city by the sea, every casino has a white $1 chip. Likewise, every club uses pink $2.50 chips, red $5 chips, green $25 chips, and so on. ... How Do You Play Poker in a Casino? Cash In as a Casino Cashier. How to Make $100,000 a Year Working at a Casino. What to Know About Casino Credit.

Customize two-tone striped casino chip on both side with logo or graphic printed on label stickers. They are clay composite material with a metal insert to make its weight and sound like an real casino chip.

It's pretty rare to find any other color besides green for the $25 chip in a casino setting, but some cheap poker sets for home use have only have white, red, and blue chips. By tradition, the blue chip is the highest-value one, so it is sometimes worth $25. This is where the expression “blue-chip stock” came from. Poker Chips - Although home poker chip have no official standard width, the majority of home poker chips are 40mm in diameter. Home poker chips are tend to be a little thicker than official casino chips. The size of your poker chips is important if you will be using or buying chip racks because you need to make sure the chips fit well. Cancelled casino chips Casino token - Wikipedia

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The most common denominations of casino chips have the same colorings at most live cardrooms although you will find some variation from placeThe lowest-value chip in mainstream circulation, it's no surprise that this one is white, the simplest color. You'll see these used in low-stakes poker games.